Recent works

Since the start of 2016, I’ve written dozens of stories about China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Korean peninsula for various publications. Below are works published by the Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian, The New York Times, National Geographic, NPR, The Sacramento Bee and other outlets.

To view previous stories for McClatchy in 2015 and 2014, go here. 


Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 12, As Chinese turn tourist, some visit an unfamiliar land: their own country

Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 18,  China’s Olympians disappoint their government, but not the people

The Guardian, Aug. 10, Fu Yuanhui: China falls in love with Olympic swimmer and her ‘mystic energy’

The Guardian, Aug. 9, Greenpeace sounds alarm over China’s long-distance fishing fleet

The Guardian, Aug. 8, China says Australia is ‘on fringes of civilisation’ after swimmer Mack Horton attacks Sun Yang

The Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 5, Chinese rights lawyers say sentence sends a chilling – and blunt – message

The Guardian, Aug. 3, Christian church leader jailed in Chinese human right crackdown

The Guardian, Aug. 2, China puts human rights activists on trial

Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 1, Wang Yu ‘confession’ – China’s bid to counter critics of its crackdown?

The Guardian, July 31, China’s Times Square video accused of skewing views of British MP

Christian Science Monitor, July 26, Why some South Koreans don’t want shield from North Korea’s missiles

Christian Science Monitor, July 20, In South China Sea case, ruling on environment hailed as precedent

Christian Science Monitor, July 14, Hague ruling on the South China Sea: What shaped Beijing’s response

The Guardian, June 25, Britons showed ‘losing mindset,’ say Chinese media in swipe at leave vote

Christian Science Monitor, June 24, Why the Terminator is telling China to eat less meat

The Guardian, June 24, Beijing has fallen: China’s capital sinking by 11cm a year, satellite study warns

BooksellerThe Guardian, June 20, Chinese crackdown aimed at rooting out Xi opponents, says bookseller

The Guardian, June 18, China bans coverage of Hong Kong bookseller abduction

Christian Science Monitor, June 17, Rights lawyers on trial: China’s sharp crackdown shows no sign of letting up

Christian Science Monitor, June 16, Chinese pet owners start to put a leash on dog meat traders

The Guardian, June 15, China’s ‘naked loans’ force female students to bare all for more cash

National Public Radio, June 2, The Yulin Dog Meat Festival will go on despite growing protests

The New York Times, May 31, In China, homeowners find themselves in a land of doubt

Christian Science Monitor, May 31, How an ancient Chinese town survived the tumultuous Cultural Revolution

National Geographic, May 12, China may shelve plans to build dams on its last wild river

Christian Science Monitor, May 11, N. Korea’s triumphal Congress does little to win over a frustrated China

Christian Science Monitor, May 6, Why some Chinese are warming to Trump, ‘rape’ comments aside

Christian Science Monitor, April 28, China battles foreign influence with new NGO law

DefectorChristian Science Monitor, April 12A N. Korean’s defection, complicated by her love-hate bonds with China

The Guardian, April 1, ‘Not fit to lead’: letter attacking Xi Jinping sparks witch hunt in Beijing

The Guardian, March 31, Chinese funeral home 3D prints missing body parts for corpses

Christian Science Monitor, March 29, To silence its critics abroad, China goes after their families at home

The Guardian, March 28Chinese dissident Chang Ping says brothers ‘abducted’ over letter criticising president

The Guardian, March 25, Chinese hacker who tried to steal US military data ‘deserves respect’ – state media

The Guardian, March 23, China’s vaccine scandal widens as 37 arrested over illegal sales

The Guardian, March 21, Indonesia summons Chinese ambassador as fishing dispute escalates

The Guardian, March 21, Chinese journalist linked to criticism of Xi Jinping detained by police, lawyer confirms

The Sacramento Bee, March 17, Sacramento native builds restaurant empire in China with California-inflected cuisine

The Guardian, March 4, Period policy in Asia: time-off ‘may be seen as a sign of weakness’

Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 29, How a Chinese acquisition could put genetically modified foods on menu

The Guardian, Feb. 29, Chinese pollution problem gets hairy with ‘nose-tache’ to filter smog

McClatchy, Feb. 14, Obama hosts Southeast Asian leaders in bid to cement ties

The Guardian, Feb. 12, Britain accuses China of serious breach of treaty over ‘removed’ Hong Kong booksellers

The Guardian, Feb. 7, China arrests Protestant church leader who opposed removal of crosses

The Sacramento Bee, Feb. 3, Kings dodged astrological disaster by pulling T-shirts

Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 26, Publisher warns of China’s campaign to ‘wipe’ out free speech in Hong Kong

Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 19, Taiwan election: Beijing holds its fire, but warns pro-independence leader

The Sacramento Bee, Jan. 14,  High stakes for China and U.S. in Taiwan election

Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 7,  After North Korea’s nuclear test, what is China ready to do?

956840_2_0107-north-korea-china_standardChristian Science Monitor, Jan. 6  North Korea claim of hydrogen bomb test draws global condemnation

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