Hong Kong

In 2014, I covered the buildup to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy street occupations, and the tumultuous clashes with police and thugs that followed. Here’s a selection of spot news, enterprise and continuing coverage from the dozens of stories I filed.


Christian Science Monitor, January 26, Publisher warns of China’s campaign to ‘wipe out’ free speech in Hong Kong


McClatchy, September 27, Hong Kong’s divided democracy activists haven’t given up


McClatchy, June 2, Tiananmen Anniversary has Hong Kong agonizing over its future

McClatchy, September 28, Hong Kong’s harshest crackdown yet on democracy marchers fails to blunt protests

McClatchy, September 30, Hong Kong’s young – fed up with high rents, few jobs – drive protests

McClatchy, October 4, Hong Kong clings to Chinese customs as it defies Beijing’s dictates

McClatchy, Oct. 9, In Hong Kong’s Mong Kok neighborhood, protests have a local feel

The Washington Post, October 18, Protesters, police clash again in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok neighborhood

McClatchy, October 27, How Britain failed to ensure democracy in a China-ruled Hong Kong

McClatchy, December 11, With Hong Kong’s protests cleared, what becomes of movement?


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